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Anthropological investigation interwoven with autobiography, Athena Techne is a call to arms for those who want civilization to succeed against the onslaught of.
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The Special Issue Several aspects of innovation, technology and The theme of this Special Issue —the gender dimension in entrepreneurship are addressed in this Special Issue, as innovation, technology and entrepreneurship— is a novel follows: research area that, with a few notable exceptions, e. Entrepreneurship Gregory Pincus, Director of the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, and interested him in taking on the task. Innovation policies and implementing measures have She also identified a potential funder in Katherine McCormick, a often been criticized for not acknowledging the gendered biology graduate from MIT, who understood the scientific issues at hand and had the necessary funds to support the nature of the developments they promote.

They have venture as heir to the International Harvester Fortune. At 75, often placed a central focus on traditional men and male- McCormick became a research-funding angel, moving from dominated branches of industry in the old industrial California to be close to the research site in Massachusetts and economy, primarily in the private sector, but failed to push the research process forward. City achieved the first chemical synthesis of cortisone from a Also, gender equality has not been considered when plant source, diosgenin, using Mexican Yams as the starting material to synthesize the hormones testosterone and evaluating the results.

These developments addresses this gap by analysing a project aimed to bring were part of an immense international effort to find a cheaper synthesis of cortisone, the number of researchers working on out the potential for innovation and entrepreneurship in this topic being greater than that of any other medical project the public healthcare sector of nursing.

The project since the development of penicillin. Encouraging the nurse inventors and showing appeared to display differences in both education and them pathways through the innovation process, instead of experience. Women-owned new technology firms were inventions being kept local, contributes thus to the smaller and less growth-oriented than men-owned firms, codification of a technology transfer process, but also, and were less likely to generate either growth or personal most importantly, turns it into a human capital wealth of their owner.

Indeed, many inventors have explore constructions of masculinity and femininity in little desire to take the lead in entrepreneurial ventures, discourses on academic entrepreneurship and identify the but are more than willing to assist the process. The project contradiction between encouraging female academic also demonstrates that innovation and entrepreneurship entrepreneurship and the risk to reproduce and reinforce are gender-biased in two major aspects: i female- the image of the successful male entrepreneur, instead of dominated occupations such as the healthcare professions leading to organizational and cultural changes.

The article are mistakenly perceived as lacking the potential for asks how women and men academics are represented as innovation, and ii since innovation and entrepreneurship entrepreneurs, and examines how male-gendered cultural are traditionally conceived as individualistic activities, the associations are embedded in the portrayal of potential for sharing the task is missed. Coleman bring new insights on the very little explored issue of how women entrepreneurs finance their new The authors find that entrepreneurship-promoting texts technology-based firms.

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The study compares owner and firm conceptualized as in need of support, as less risk-willing 7 ISSN: While bias. The authors describe three types of entry to the important players in innovation. To field. Thus, a relatively equal gender balance in technology counteract the persistence of these trends, women have transfer masks the structural gender bias of German society formed their own networks in order to promote and becomes a double-edged sword.

However, despite decades of efforts to Galvis sounds a more optimistic note on the demand side.

ATHENAtechne: Memphis’ First All Women’s Hackathon Is This Weekend

Significantly the differences of the job hierarchy. The evidence among countries. Overall, Internet use is a beacon of equality between the genders in Latin America. The established regime of isolated Exploring the gendering of excellence in technology and technical skills is being replaced by hybrid jobs that engineering research has become a key issue on the agenda combine technical and relational skills due to changing of European policy-makers due to the strong position this industry requirements.

When men IT workers field enjoys in national, European and international demonstrate the newly highly valued ability to marry soft research policy and also because it continues to be the skills to traditional IT technical tasks, they are highly most male-dominated research field.

Current attempts to rewarded for a capacity that is presumed to be promote scientific excellence in Europe can no longer exceptional. When women show the same ability, they are ignore the gender aspects of research organizations, rewarded less for the same tasks since it is expected of managers, programmes, policies and outcomes.


The them as a normal part of their gender culture. The lesson combination of scientific excellence with the promotion of is that traditional gender rules still determine the value of gender equality has become a central challenge for gender- job skills. Mainstreaming increased needs for traditional female skills, women still gender equality has been introduced in many countries as cannot win. They they have experienced. Their post- participation in technological and engineering research in ICT career paths included a nutritionist, a bereavement the EU27, Russia and Chile, and focused on research fun- counselor, a hypnotherapist, with two moving into ding, publishing, scientific prizes and awards, and patents.

Systematic gender penalises women and contributes to their slow professional monitoring appeared to be rare with a few exceptions, advancement. No na- tional patent authority was found to perform gender Based on the interviews and other data, Mavriplis et al monitoring on patent applicants and awards on a regular propose several interim measures to facilitate re-entry.

Male dominance was heaviest in editorial positions of Most important is the need for strong support on the part top international engineering journals and among decision- of university leadership regarding the validity of taking time makers and recipients of the most significant international off to have a family and return or to work on a part-time technology prizes and awards, where hardly any women basis for a limited period of time. Nevertheless, changing were involved. Only non-breaking careers are differences were observed.

In general, male domination of publicized as successful examples. Perhaps similar accommodations could be made positions; ii processes of homosociality, inclusion and for family-formation? Wartime exigencies provided only a temporary The difficulties faced by women academics returning to respite from discrimination.

Pressure from an international work after a career break, most often taken for maternity feminist movement has led to legal changes in which overt or elderly care reasons, are one of the many causes for the discrimination was delegitimized only to be replaced by low numbers of women, particularly in the higher more subtle forms of covert discrimination.

The positions. She Figures Entrepreneurial Science biological clock and the tenure track in US academia. Sociology of Science Other academic systems, lacking such sharp break points, Yearbook. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht. Athena even in European social welfare states.

Author: Holly Whitfield

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Whether the glass is half empty or half full is still a matter of debate Etzkowitz, Gender inequality Nevertheless, the singular achievement of gender parity in in science: A universal condition? Minerva, 39 2 , The Spaceflight Revolution. Technology and Gender: Fabrics of Power in separation of labour in society. Journal of Marriage and the Late Imperial China. Out of the loop in Silicon Valley. The Power and the Pleasure? A the Birth Control Movement in America. New York. Science, Technology and Human Values, 25 1 , Pluto Press, London. Report on Women and Entrepreneurship.

Sage Publications, London. Accessed 1 June The gender-technology relation: Nation. Basic Books, New York. Routledge, New York.

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  • Lords of the Fly. University of Chicago Innovation. MA Thesis. Access to financing and ICT for women informal university technology transfer. Challenges and good Corporate Change, 16 4 , Geneva and New York.

    What about gender roles can we learn from mostly old Greek men? Andy Pelos

    Why feminine technologies matter? The Advancement of Lerman, N. Oldenziel, Mohun A. MIT Press, Cambridge. Technology: A Reader. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore. XIE, Y. Women in Science: Career Processes and Outcomes. Women have got greedy with maternity Cambridge, MA. The Sunday Times, October NSF This universality means that knowledge in the form of techne can be taught more or less completely as a formal discipline. The rules of techne provide for theoretical knowledge that may or may not have practical applications. Scott, p. Aristotle singled out navigation and medicine as two activities in which the practical wisdom of long experience is indispensable to superior performance.

    A written text, even if it takes the form of a philosophical dialogue, is a cut-and-dried set of codified rules. An oral dialogue, by contrast, is alive and responsive to the mutuality of the participants, reaching a destination that cannot be specified in advance.

    Mêtis: Cunning Intelligence in Greek Thought | Dr. Rinaldi's Horror Cabinet

    Socrates evidently believed that the interaction between teacher and students that we now call the Socratic method, and not the resulting text, is philosophy. Scott, pp. Let us begin speaking again, communicating in mutual and open dialogue rather than tracing the linguistic signs of an intelligible but dead universe of thought into its labyrinth.

    In their great work Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society Jean-Pierre Vernant and Marcel Detienne will provide a unique investigation into this form of reasoning in Greek culture, thought, and philosophy.

    I remember as a young man growing up entering the workforce as a blue-collar worker. Working in various trades in the oil-fields, auto-mechanic, carpenter, cook, welder, miner, glass-worker, etc. Notions passed down from generation to generation, ways of holding a glass globule just so-so in the furnace, the time to turn or pull it out, to work the breath, the turning of the stem, etc.

    All these nuances of craft and technique that are part of a cunning method of techniques that one must actively be there to know and understand. One could write a history of such nefarious subjects as pickpocketing that would show in another way the tricks of the trade, the nuances and ways of deceit and deception, subterfuge and displacement. Of magicians and slide-of-hand street magick, cards, levitation, disappearance, etc. The sense of facing strength and power and using cunning and trickery to reverse the order of natural outcomes by a form of intelligence that some would see as both treacherous, cowardly, and womanish the Greeks were admittedly sexist ibid.

    As Detienne and Vernant will describe it:. With all the weight of acquired experience that it carries, it involves thought that is dense, rich and compressed.