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The oyster is a sessile (immobile) mollusc that is commonly found clinging onto shipwrecks, debris and harbour walls around the world. Oysters are bivalve molluscs meaning that they are closely related to other animals such as scallops, clams and mussels. Humans, birds, marine.
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Oyster connoisseurs say that each oyster taste like the waters it was grown in. This taste or flavor profile will depend on the contents of the water, the pH , the salinity and more. To eat, oysters filter water in a process called filter feeding. Oysters filter water through gills in order to separate food from the water they live in. Through filter feeding, oysters mostly eat phytoplankton.

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One oyster alone can filter over 1. As oysters filter feed, they also pick up nutrients within the water. They easily absorb key vitamins and minerals from their environment including iron, zinc, vitamin B12, calcium and selenium. If the water is contaminated, the oyster itself can also become contaminated with pollutants. Most types of oysters are hermaphrodites, meaning they have aspects of both genders.

Many oysters can also "switch" genders throughout their lives.

For breeding to occur, female oysters or oysters with female sex organs will release hundreds of eggs into the water. The eggs are then fertilized by sperm that is also released into the water by the male oysters or oysters that can produce sperm. Once fertilized, the oyster larvae are mobile, which is unique from their fully sessile immobile adult form. Are they similar to Blue Points? So before you try to order Rocky Mountain oysters on the half shell, read up on these 11 facts! Rocky Mountain oysters are not oysters at all.

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They're mammal testicles, and most commonly come from bulls, bison, pigs, and sheep. That's nuts , right?! Some of the very first ranchers to inhabit the West needed inexpensive sources of food, so they experimented with different cuts of meat.

And you know what? They were delicious! Guys, are you wincing yet? In Canada these battered balls are typically served with a demi-glace and in America they'll likely be accompanied by cocktail sauce. Battering and deep-frying aside, these organs are so rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein, it's a wonder why gym rats don't blend them into workout shakes. Although they're most commonly referred to as oysters due to their slimy appearance when raw, some other names are used to describe the little fellas. Rocky Mountain oysters , however, is the euphemism to end all euphemisms.

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1. They are not bivalves of the sea

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